Ivan Lakshinsky / John Sky

Complete Cycle of Life

Live consciously in harmony of life patterns learning from the patterns of Art forms

Music & Art

Music composition is made of layers forming unique patterns of different instruments moving with the rhythm. The process of the combination of two or more Art forms (ie. music, moving objects, light, paint, digital.etc.) in to one finished piece where they can take a part in being an inspirational tool or equally to the finished Art piece called: "Blended Art" and the finished piece is an "Artifact"
I Ching
Random combinations and their hidden philosophy
3 < 3 > 3 / Hidden Knowledge
Artifact Lab
Over the past ten years I've been studying psychology, quadrivium, and how the art manipulations of different forms effect out mind. Some of the art being produced as the cultural heritage or social prints in the context of time and evolution as an emotional imprinting. However I found the link between geometry and the allignment of neuro cells in our daily life and how they effect our consciousness forming our future.

I am preparing the course which will allow to calibrate the patterns of the life cycle of self conciseness to harness the stress and chaotic thinking in to the personal structure understanding own values.

I understand that this course is a blueprint in science and it is more of a practical experiment rather than theory which lies outside of our understanding, we have to take some time to see the results.

If you are interested to take a part in this course - contact me below. If you wish to sponsor the project or support it's development hit the button below. For every single supporter I have prepared a personal Art gift and the secret knowledge initiation.

Thank you! IL

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